What’s this AXONomics? You wanted Second Integral! Right?
    Well, while Second Integral is evolving, AXONomics is where we’re thinking out loud.
    This initial post reminds me of a day in late 1984, having just arrived in London. Much had come before that moment, deciding to go, planning, arranging, getting there. Now, looking out window of my train, heading west toward Bath – my home-base to-be for the next year, everything looked built to last much longer (and probably already had by a factor of 10) than construction I’d grown up around in New England. My next thought, after considering all the effort that had gone into getting there, was “OK, so… I’m here. Now what?”
    And so, here we are on that train again.
  • (i) where did we come from
  • (ii) what was the thinking and effort that came before, and
  • (iii) now what?

Interspersed with writings on topics I come across that grab my interest, I will also be posting some “backBlogs” (tagged as such) to fill in on some history…