About AXONomics: AXONomics is about finding patterns, making connections, particularly of ideas and concepts, discovering parallels, and leveraging these discoveries to solve problems, create value, derive efficiency, increase productivity, improve experience and satisfaction…

About me: I am one of the founders of Second Integral, a company dedicated to researching value networks and semantic technology, and building relationships and products toward leveraging these tools in ways that make life generally better.

I have worked in the information industry for 20 years, particularly active over the last sixteen years focusing on financial institutions related information for use and consumption by financial institutions themselves.

Prior to that, my efforts were in the consulting realm, mainly focusing on the manipulation, structuring and presentation of information – for research in the securities industry as well as for consulting, fairness opinions, research studies, and litigation support.

Professional Interests: Semantic Technologies, Enabling the leveraging of information, Usability, Financial Markets

Personal Intersts: Learning, Promoting Efficiency, Community Extension, Marketing, Tools, Tools, Tools, Running,

Current Projects and Roles: Business development, product development, Leadership Forum at Silver Bay, TransitionWorks, SaaS, Web Services, Semantic Web Components and other emerging technologies.

More about AXONomics: This blog is also connected with the thinking of Second Integral co-founders, Eric J. Hoffer and Pierre Gagnier. Second Integral is the name they have given to their analytical methodology for evaluating situations, and to the company they founded in 2006. Their primary focus has been on the enablement of knowledge barter – the invisible exchange of informational currency, allowing individuals to leverage, in their interactions, knowledge about and/or contributed by others who are party to related activities. The methodology adds a dimension to Value Network Analysis (VNA) through one of Hoffer and Gagnier’s information-enhancing methods, which they refer to as Activity Based Contextualization – or knowledge adding value to knowledge.

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